Excellent results by De Muze products


Excellent results by De Muze products

Great work by Bernardo Alves and Mosito van het Hellehof at the prestigious show in Chantilly. They finished seventh in a 1.45m class. In the GP, Luiz Felipe Azevedo Filho finished ninth with Hermes van de Vrombautshoeve (s. Vigo d'Arsouilles). Kitona de Muze (s. Vigo d'Arsouilles) became second in a 1.55m class ridden by Alexis Deroubaix.

In the GP1*, we noted a fourth place for Margareth Eikner and Nikita du Roton (s. Elvis Ter Putte).

St. Tropez

Pieter Clemens and Icarus (s. Querlybet Hero) delivered the best performance in the GP4* of St. Tropez. The duo finished in seventh place. Mathieu Billot and Bad Boy du Bobois (s. Nabab de Rêve) won a 1.50m class, with Morfine de Muze (s. Nabab de Rêve) and Rik Hemeryck finishing sixth. Still in St. Tropez, Aymeric de Ponnat and Elize (s. Bamako de Muze) took third place over 1.45m.

Bingo del Tondou (s. Vigo d'Arsouilles) and Michel Robert also made a name for themselves. They finished 5th in the GP2*.


In Valkenswaard, our breeding product Next Funky de Muze (s. Elvis Ter Putte) won a 1.40m class with Jos Verlooy. In the GP2* of Valkenswaard the great eighth place of the only 8-year-old Ipsthar (s. Denzel van 't Meulenhof) and Bas Moerings caught our eye.

In the five star competition, we noted a third place for Wout Jan van der Schans on Forlan van de Sprengenberg (s. Nabab de Rêve) in the 1.45m.


Close but no cigar for Claire Putters and Copain de Muze (s. Bamako de Muze) in the GP2* of Knokke. They had to settle for fourth place. Frederic Vernaet and Beijing Z (s. Bamako de Muze) also took fourth place, but in a 1.40m class.

Pikap de Muze Z (s. Ponsee V) and Christophe Vanderhasselt performed well and provided several placings in classes 1.40m. Yves Vanderhasselt and Nairobi van Kojakhoeve Z (s. Nabab de Rêve) added a fifth place to that, also at level 1.40m.


Also close but no cigar for Frédéric Bouvard and Hugh Grant de Muze (s. Shindler de Muze). They finished second in a 1.45m class in Fontainebleau, France. With Lubie de l'Elan (s. Querlybet Hero) Bouvard became third, also in a class 1.45m.


The GP3* of Ommen resulted in a fourth place for Frank Schuttert on Kinky Boy van 't Gildenhof (s. Nabab de Rêve). In Vilamoura, Francisco Rocha and Lanzarote de Muze (s. Clinton) were again responsible for a number of placings. They finished third in a 1.40m class. Karl Cook delivered a second place over 1.45m in Traverse City riding Ircos IV (s. Nabab de Rêve) and Ronnie Jones was third with the only 8-year-old Interstar B (s. I'm Special de Muze) in a 1.40m class in Bolesworth.

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